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"Bioprom" SPA was founded in 2005. For more than 12 years we have been specializing in the development, production and sale of new-generation biological fertilizers. Each product has proven its effectiveness via field testing, laboratory research and practical application on the basis of enterprises, firms and private households.

We are responsible for the quality of our products!

Our centre for the production of liquid phosphorous and nitrogenous biofertilizers for agriculture is not the only one in Russian Federation since there are other research institutions successfully working in this field. However, the Bioprom production is the sales leader for today!

Bioprom is a manufacturing company where biological agents for plants of all species are produced. On our website you can check out the catalog of products, choose the most suitable preparations and purchase fertilizers from the manufacturer in bulk (small or large), as well as find a price list.

Advantages of Bioprom products

Biological fertilizers are in many ways superior to similar chemical agents. Nowadays mineral fertilizers (nitrogenous, phosphorous, potassium) are not in demand anymore due to the over-saturation with chemical elements.

Practical application has shown that chemical fertilizers are ineffective, since over the time they can have an adverse effect on the natural fertility of the soil and the crops grown. That has become the reason for our company to start the production of bacterial fertilizers for farming.

he liquid biofertilizers produced by our company contain bacteria – strains of living microorganisms whose purpose is to process coarse organic and activate mineral compounds helpful for crops. Our fertilizer production centre in Moscow has proved that biological products actively inhibit soil pathogens, stimulate plant growth, reduce crop diseases and improve natural fertility of soil.

The advantages of Bioprom products are:

  • Increase in productivity;
  • Disinfection of soil;
  • Seed treatment before planting;
  • Increasing the access to soil nutrients

Our enterprise is located in Moscow Region, Lotoshino Urban District, Tsentralnaya Street, 2. Also, we have two regional offices in Samara and Smolensk regions.

To place an order, please contact us by phone or email. Our company’s staff members will provide professional guidance to you and recommend the most suitable option.

Ecological and technological benefits right now!

The Scientific and Production Association “Bioprom” was founded in 2005. The innovative production was created with the aim to develop domestic biological agents which were to contribute to the revival of farming in Russia and the elimination of food dependence on foreign countries. At our company we manufacture fertilizers that are environmentally friendly and effective in various climatic zones for different types of crops. Our products are actively used by agricultural enterprises of Orel, Bryansk and Lipetsk regions, as well as the Republic of Belarus. We use technologies whose priority is confirmed by 29 patents of the Russian Federation.

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