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Bioprom bacterial products

Today, many agricultural companies are in need of fertilizers that do not damage the soil and can increase their yields. The company “Bioprom” offers a great variety of soil fertilizers which are universally effective on sowing grain and growing plants of any species. Everyone who would like to buy the fertilizers in bulk from the manufacturer will be offered the most favorable terms.

About the company

"Bioprom" SPA specializes in the production of fertilizers which are based on living microorganisms called bacteria. The production process is conducted by a staff of first-class specialists and with the help of modern equipment. Agricultural soil fertilizers are among the environmentally friendly preparations and in many ways surpass the once popular chemical agents. Today, our organization delivers nitrogen and phosphorous fertilizers wholesale and retail not only to commercial enterprises but to private customers as well.

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Ecological agricultural fertilizers are currently purchased by many commercial organizations since their effectiveness in improving yields has been confirmed by numerous field tests, laboratory research and practice. “Bioprom” is engaged in the production and sale of bacterial fertilizers for enhancing agricultural productivity. Each product possesses such features as environmental friendliness, low price per ton and impeccable quality. The official website of “Bioprom” provides every potential customer with price lists, terms of sale and ways of delivery to Russia and CIS. Furthermore, the staff will carry out the transaction of the product at a low price. If you are interested in buying good quality fertilizers from our company, please choose any convenient way to contact us and get more information on what product to choose and how much the price for delivery to your destination is.

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