Tungicide – fighting with mosquitoes


Tungicide is a multi-purpose product of rapid action aimed at destruction of mosquito larvae. It deals with the extermination of larvae of all types of mosquitoes in open pools, suburban areas and closed rooms – basements and buildings for various purposes flooded by groundwater or sewage water.

Please note!

Storage time is 6 months at a temperature of 0 to 30°C. Before use, shake intensively. The residual effect ranges from 10 to 30 days.

How to use Tungicide

Tungicide is used in the form of aqueous suspension for spraying the pool. The preparation of the mixture should be done right before the treatment. First, stir the mixture thoroughly and then, while continuously stirring, dilute it in the necessary amount of water and filter.

Processing measures should be carried out during the mass appearance of mosquito larvae at the second and third stages of development. The number of treatments depends on the number of generations of insects during the season. The amount of the fertilizer is calculated by the type and depth of the pool.

The process is considered effective when productivity indicators are 90-100%. Control measures should be taken in 10, 15 days in open reservoirs and in 30 days in flooded basements in order to find out whether a repeated treatment is needed.

The liquid fertilizer Tungicide is not toxic to humans, warm-blooded animals, fish and other water fauna.

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Precautions for using Tungicide:

  • use protective clothes and gloves
  • avoid contact with the drug on mucous membranes and hand skin
  • after work wash the face and hands with soap
  • the dishes used to prepare the solution must be washed and not used for cooking or storing food
  • if the solution gets onto your skin or mucous membranes, wash the drug off with warm water and soap.

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