Crop production

"Bioprom" SPA presents the best bacterial fertilizers for plant growth and yield productivity which are actively used in agriculture for crop production. They can be used for fertilizing the soil with nitrogen and phosphorus, as well as for natural regeneration of soil fertility. Liquid fertilizers are also good stimulators of normal vegetable growth.

When and how to apply fertilizers for agriculture

  • In spring and autumn before, during and after plowing (consumption of the product is 0,4 l per 1 ha)'
  • Pre-sowing seed treatment;
  • By irrigation method (during plowing) (consumption is 0,4 l per 1 ha);
  • Root fertilization (consumption is 0,4 l per 1 ha);
  • Application to the soil during recultivation of damaged soils (consumption is 1,5-2,5 l per 1 ha)

Here you can find out about our fertilizers:

Nitrogen bacterial fertilizer
Phosphorous bacterial fertilizers
Activation of plant residues’ decomposition

Ecological and technological benefits right now!

Bacterial fertilizers from the “Bioprom” company are included in the State Register of Plant Protection Products and Fertilizers allowed for use.

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