Complex bacterial fertilizers

Fertilizers are called complex if they include two or more components. They are suitable for all types of soil, various climate conditions and at any stage of plant growth. Complex liquid fertilizers have a number of advantages:

  • High concentration of useful substances which provide good nutrition for plants;
  • Low expenditures for their storage and application process;
  • Positive result even despite the lack of moisture;
  • Possible application to highly sensitive crops.

Highly effective complex – doubled result!

One of such highly effective complex products is a nitrogen-phosphorous fertilizer based on a mixture of Ecophyte and Bactophosphine.

Why Ecophyte and Bactophosphine?

The effectiveness of Bactophosphine increases in a combination with Ecophyte. Thus, the joint use of these two preparations leads to a better result. It allows to introduce both nitrogen and phosphorus into the soil at the lowest cost which has an extremely positive effect on yield.

"Ecophyte+Bactophosphine" can be applied as an all-purpose autumn fertilizer for plant resistance to cold weather, their protection and acceleration of protein-carbohydrate synthesis.

You can buy the complex liquid fertilizer and plant protection product “Ecophyte+Bactophosphine” by calling 8(49628)7-17-32, 8(910)712-11-11 or by leaving a request on our website. You can find out the prices for complex nitrogen-phosphorous fertilizers from our specialists.

Ecological and technological benefits right now!

Bacterial fertilizers from the “Bioprom” company are included in the State Register of Plant Protection Products and Fertilizers allowed for use.

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